Insane Truth

And so she made her case, one that nobody would believe in except for her; one that was pure fantasy. The day they spoke to her, she thought she was insane, like how everybody thought she was now. But she knew otherwise, she knew that they were real, and that everybody else was just blinded by their foolishness. She wanted to make everybody else believe, believe in them like her, believe that there was something else out there.

The world was blind and everybody fools. How could they not see it right before them; the terrifying beauty that was hidden before our very eyes? It was ridiculous how anyone could not sense their presence. They had appeared in her bedroom one night, all three of them. Humanoid and clad in silver attire, it showed how perfect they were. They were flawless, but they were different in other ways.

When they talked to her, they sounded so gentle. They had voices like music, and each sentence a melody. That was what attracted her. They wanted her to join them. She refused. She could not leave behind her parents, her family, and her friends. But they asked her to rethink her choice and they beamed her up.

It was like in her favourite science fiction movies. She felt nothing as she was teleported to a strange place. Saying it was beautiful was an understatement. It was beyond gorgeous and was nothing like she expected. She thought she would be facing silver control panels and complicated futuristic technology, but it was entirely different. She was surrounded by nature. In the city where she lived in, plants grew by the sidewalk in organized numbers. Here, it was the exact opposite. There was minimal technology and she was surrounded by lush greenery.

It was as though she was in paradise. She almost wanted to change her mind instantly, to join this fantasy world where everything was so beautiful. The three of them went up to her to ask her to reconsider, the twinkle in their eyes, captivating her entirely. She almost said yes, almost gave in to the dream of living some where without worries, without ugliness, a world of perfection.

But something she saw broke her from her trance. She caught a glimpse of something. She broke away from the trio and walked cautiously towards it. On the magnificent rain tree was a sash caught on one of the lower branches. Upon closer examination, she saw what had caught her attention. It was not the sash but the blood red stains on it. And then she saw the truth, the truth behind the beautiful exterior.

She saw the blood on the tree, the bloody dagger stuck on the ground behind the thick roots. Everything changed, paradise turned into hell and angels into demons. She turned around and saw that the perfection to this world remained, but it was a different one, a menacing one. She wanted to run away from whatever hell she was in, but she couldn’t. Her legs were rooted to the ground and her mind was tearing apart. One asked her to stay, the other to leave.

“Stay and everything will be back to how it was,” said one of the three.

She knew they were lying, she knew she had to leave, immediately. But something was corrupting her mind. Something was making her remain in this strange foreign land.

“Get out of my mind!” she wailed. “Get out! Get Out! GET OUT!”

Her mind broke, and she collapsed to the ground. Her lifeless body lay limp and her eyes grew faint. Shadows loomed above her and she truly believed that Hades was right before her, ready to collect her soul and throw her into the land beyond. Last flicker of her eyelids and her world fell into darkness.

She woke up trashing at thin air. She was back in her bed, looking at the familiar pastel colored four walls. Had it really happened or was it just a dream? She wondered. But it was too vivid, the images of a fantasy world of extremes. Lost in the memories of blood red daggers and false paradise, she failed to notice the blood red sash in her palm until she closed her hands.

Looking down at it, she flinched and dropped it on her blanket. It could not be true, or was it? She wanted to pick it up again, searching for it in the dark. She could not seem to find it, even when she had turned on the lights and ransacked the room for it. It could not be found, yet she was positive she had seen and felt it on her palm. The air in the room turned cold and she ran to her parents, to tell them of what happened.

They had looked at her like it was just another nightmare, but to her it was not. She was positive whatever she had gone through was real. Days following, she repeatedly rummaged through her room like a mad woman, trying to find that blood stained sash, but to no avail. Her parents were worried for her, worried that their beloved daughter was ill. They thought she was hallucinating, but she knew it to be untrue. She was not insane!

Only when they brought her to a doctor did her condition seem to improve. But in her heart, she was not better at all, it was just a cover. Somewhere somehow she still believed in the happenings of that one night, of that heaven turned hell, of saints turning into devils. She would never believe in beauty anymore, she only knew now that behind perfection only lay a darker, even more frightening truth.

Once again, she sat in the psychologist’s office, stating her case. The one she had stated so many times to so many people. The case that made people think she was insane, the case that only she believed in.